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Towards a unity of Theoretical and Practical Reason: On the constitutive significance of the Transcendental Dialectic

Link to full article (Journal Open Philosophy, deGruyter, 2022)


The article focuses on re-evaluating Kant’s Transcendental Dialectic by initially highlighting its seemingly negative function within the Critique of Pure Reason as a mere regulative form for cognition and experience. The Dialectic, however, does not only have such a negative-regulative function but also its very own positive and founding character for cognition that even is present in the supposedly most immediate forms of intuition. In exploring this positive side of the Transcendental Dialectic it becomes clear that it manifests itself as a bridge between the so-called theoretical and practical reason inasmuch as it fills in their gap within Kant’s philosophy. From the practical side, the Dialectic is manifest as an action full of purposiveness, maxims, and imperatives within cognition, from a theoretical side it assumes the form of syllogistic inference, which is the adequate and acting theoretical form of practical reason. Therefore, the unity of reason is shown in presenting its inner gap as a dialectical misunderstanding that Kant not only highlights in the Transcendental Dialectic but also tends to leave unsolved mostly. Nevertheless, the Dialectic can be shown as the a priori synthetic act of unifying reason, if investigated in the context of Kant’s complete critical endeavour.

Autor: Robert König

La Salle des pas perdus: Über spekulative Mathematik

Der hier als PDF vorliegende Text ist eine kondensierte Übersicht zu meiner Mirabilie „La Salle des pas perdus“ im dritten Band meiner Reihe Logik + Mystik. Ich lege in „La Salle des pas perdus“ meinen Begriff der sog. spekulativen Mathematik vor. Das heißt, ich bestimme in ihm die philosophische Rolle der Mathematik, ihre Funktion für die Erkenntnis, ihre ethische Dimension und ihr Verhältnis zur Philosophie.

Zur Reihe Logik + Mystik gibt es nähere Auskünfte via:

Wo das im vorliegenden Text Gesagte erklärungsbedürftig und weiter fragwürdig bleibt, leistet die Langversion der Mirabilie in L+M Bd. 3 Abhilfe.

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